Server Rentals

  • Rack-Mount Network Server Rentals
  • Storage Solutions
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  • File Server Rentals
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Why Rent A Laptop?

Laptop Rentals are great for the on-the-go businessman who needs a lightweight, portable, sleek, and powerful machine. We also offer Rugged Laptop Rentals for demanding environments. All our laptops have built-in wireless capability.

Computer Rentals

Why buy, when you can rent? Rental enables you to afford the most advanced technology.
  • Supply of any brand of IT
  • On site support
  • Competitive rentals
  • Easy upgrades to all of our products.

Computer Rentals

  is the leader in Computer Hire, Computer Rental, Desktop hire, Laptop Rentals and Computer lease with current leading brands available in stock. Whatever you need in Desktop Computer Rental and Desktop Computer Hire, will satisfy your requirements.  

Laptop Rentals

  is India's leading Laptop Rentals company and provide a first class computer Rentals service at very competitive rates. We specialize in short and long term Laptop Hire and with our large range of laptops. We are always able to tailor a rental to your specific requirements.  

Server Rentals

  We Provide Branded Server on Rent offering a wide range of Servers for Windows / Linux / Unix etc. provides multi-processor server with a RAID 5 hard drive configuration or a workgroup server for a small network, available brands are; HP/Compaq, IBM and Dell - for the job.  

Welcome to Computer World

  In today's dynamic business conditions, IT infrastructure efficiency is mandatory for business launch, continuity and overall success. Businesses, therefore, in this fast paced world are constantly upgrading or downgrading infrastructure based on project requirements. They also struggle with mapping technology to changing project requirements. However, optimizing infrastructure to organizational requirements is difficult leading to delays which in turn affect project delivery schedules which in turn impacts ROI.